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Our FAQ page provides answers to some of the most important questions about automatic garage doors. Use the shared details and advice to enjoy a more reliable performance.

Do I need to replace my old garage door?

If you have safety issues involving your door, you should have it replaced. If you begin having repairs made that are more expensive than a new door, call our garage door repair company in Spring Valley to install a new garage door.

Why is the bottom of my garage door rusty?

If you have a bottom seal, the problem is most likely caused by the driveway cleaner and/or road salt. These have compounds which damage even the zinc coating of galvanized steel tracks and cause rust and corrosion. To solve the problem, switch to a completely safe cleaner and wash the garage floor more often during the winter to eliminate traces of road salt.

I plan to build a new garage what size should the rough opening be for the door?

Remember the rough opening should be the same size as the door you plan to purchase and don't forget it should be finished with an exterior sealant or molding to seal out inclement weather. Our experts can help you with the selection of your new door and make recommendations for its installation. We know garage doors better than anyone else, and our friendly and experienced team is standing by to help you with all aspects of installing your new garage door.

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