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How to Protect Garage Doors

How to Protect Garage Doors
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Do garage doors need protection? The answer is yes! They actually need protection from many things.

* Elements

* Extreme natural phenomena

* Wear and tear over the years

* Thieves

* Owners

Maintain, paint and repair garage doors

How to Protect Garage Doors

If the last point sounds strange to you, try to remember the last time you maintained the door at home. People claim they take care of their overhead door but if you think that 40% of safety sensors don't work right due to maintenance absence, you will start wondering whether people are silly or just ignorant. With accidents still being one of the prime problems in the country, maintenance is still considered a luxury. It's not! It's a must! To help you do the math really quick, consider that there are approximately 35 million garage doors installed across the county. 14 million of them operate with malfunctioning sensors. 30 thousand people are transferred annually to hospitals with serious injuries. Most of them are kids. If you don't care to maintain the door for its sake, maintain it for the sake of your kids. Though, it's good for you to know that well-maintained garage door parts last much longer and operate much better. So, you will enjoy a functional door without worrying about accidents and you will spend less.

Garage doors can also be damaged by thieves. In their attempt to get in they might break a window or even the door. If the door looks solid, the glass panels of the windows are frosty, small in size and installed up high, and there is no gap under the door, you will simply keep them out and the door intact. They usually find the chance to use their tools in an effort to lift a door already slightly open. So, take care of the little gaps underneath. This problem is often caused when the cables and springs are not adjusted properly. Check the balance of the door. When you leave the door open mid-way, it should stay in this position. If it is lifted, it means that the springs need adjustment. If you have garage door extension springs, move the cable s-hook to different holes on the track till the door closes well. If you have a torsion spring, use one winding bar to hold the cone in place, loosen the setscrews and use a second winding bar to turn the cone in order to release some spring tension.

Naturally, your overhead door is affected by temperatures, dirt, the winds and all natural phenomena. Too much sun might affect the reverse mechanism or dry out a poorly maintained wood door. Too much humidity will erode the steel parts. Too much cold will cause the springs to break easier. During storms the door will be attacked by flying objects and debris. There are solutions for all these problems and Garage Door Repair Spring Valley will gladly take care of them. Though, it's on your best interest to prevent them by protecting your door the right away. So, consider the special characteristics of your own region. Is it too humid? Avoid getting wooden doors or at least take care of them by painting them with special coatings often. Protect the door from flying items by making sure of its resistance. Maintenance is one way of making sure of that but depending on the speed of the winds, you can also reinforce the door by getting special braces and installing heavy gauge brackets and garage door tracks. By painting, maintaining and repairing all parts on time, you gain a functional and resistant door that will last longer and cost you less. 

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